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Counselling Supervision. Ettrick Bay


I hold the COSCA Certificate in Counselling Supervision

I am qualified to offer supervision services to counsellors/psychotherapists, health practitioners and healthcare workers. I also offer this service to other professionals who feel that having a safe, impartial space to explore their working practice would be beneficial.


With the person-centred approach underpinning my practice and incorporating concepts from other orientations, I aim to develop and maintain healthy working relationships with both clients and supervisees. In my role as supervisor, I hope to encourage supervisees to reflect on their practice and to aid development of a “healthy internal supervisor” which they can then access in their work with clients.


I consider the focus of the supervisory relationship to be between the supervisor and supervisee with the emphasis being on the supervisee and what he/she brings to the session.

Within this working relationship, both supervisor and supervisee explore the supervisee’s work and issues; consider wider contexts and ethical and agency requirements whilst balancing the need for mutuality and autonomy of both supervisee and supervisor.

I believe this encourages an open and transparent sharing of work where achievements, anxieties and fears are welcomed equally within a safe and trusted relationship. Being ‘real’ with one another, within the supervisory relationship, allows us to bring ourselves, our experiences, our strengths and struggles so that we can reflect and explore further in the service of ourselves as continuing, developing practitioners and, ultimately, for the benefit of our clients.


As the relationship within the supervisory process can be reflective of and parallel to the therapeutic process and relationship between the counsellor and client, this exploratory process trusts that everything that comes is relative to and in the eventual service of the client.

Supervision Fees

Qualified Counsellors - £60 per 90 mins

Counsellors in training - £45 per hour

Healthcare Practitioners & Healthcare Workers - £45 per hour

Other Professionals - £45 per hour

For supervision services
please email
or call me on
07551 312174.

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